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Self-dissolving virginity blood capsule pills can help you in confirming your virginity simply by appearing in blood traces. You need to insert the Hymen Blood Pill deep into your vagina almost 1-3 hours before the sexual intercourse takes place. The results are going to amaze you. If you want to intensify the feeling of virginity by tightening the vaginal entrance you are recommended to use Revitalize 100 1-2 weeks prior. But if you are interested in the short-term solution we suggest you use the VirginaCare Hymen Repair Kit. The main difference between the Hymen Blood Capsule and the Artificial Hymen Membrane is the handling as well as the time before you insert it. MDD- 12 months. Made in Germany.

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Product Information

Benefits 1

No side effects.

Benefits 2

No doctor visits.

Benefits 3

No pain. Not toxic.

Benefits 4

No anesthesia.

Benefits 5

No medication.

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