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Pinxx Lightening and Brightening Cream



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Product Description

Dr Virginia Pinxxx intimate area lightening and glowing cream has to use on vagina areas bikini line area which has got black darkened due to period blood and prolonged use of chemical-based hair remover so we have Dr Virginia Pinxxx cream to get this brown or darkened area skin to normal and get corrected effectively you have to apply and use on affected intimate areas like inner thighs under arms bikini-line area vaginal area and black shade butts/ ass chicks And you will feel differential changes in skin tone texture and appearance in 15-20 days only and it will get your affected area skin correction effectively. And you will not have any kind of side effects in future in period or pregnancy

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Product Information

Key Benfits of ViryaWaan Oil

A gentle massage of “viryaWaan Oil” enhances the strength and stamina of the organ, so that you can give a “Heavenly Pleasure” to your partner.

Benefits 1

Dr Virginia Pinxxx cream for intimate areas glows

Benefits 2

Lightening like underarms,

Benefits 3


Benefits 4

Inner thighs

Benefits 5

Black butts

Benefits 6

Vagina area

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